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Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Carrying Out A Roof Survey

Is your home in need of roof repairs? It can be frustrating when there are issues with your property, but it’s really important to get them fixed as soon as possible. Your roof protects the building and should be kept in a good condition. If there are any weaknesses in the structure, this could cause more serious damage.

Here are just a few problems you should look out for.

Visible Damage

To check on the state of the top of a building, the first thing you should do is look up. Make sure to regularly check the tiles or whatever material is on your building. If you spot any damaged, broken, or missing tiles, ensure that you book in for roof repairs as soon as you can. Any weaknesses can make the structure vulnerable to further issues like water damage and pest invasion.

Damaged tiles


If you are spotting leaks inside your home, it’s definitely time to seek roof repairs. If you have a loft, it’s good to inspect this regularly if possible. Water damage can cause irreversible and expensive damage, so it’s important to get these looked at right away. If you have a flat roof, look out for water pooling on the surface, as this isn’t good if it doesn’t drain off.

Excess Moss Or Ivy

Moss isn’t necessarily a sign of an unhealthy roof, but having lots and lots of this algae isn’t going to be great. This plant holds onto moisture, so having it on your roof could create some issues with damp. It can get quite dense and end up clogging the guttering. If left alone, this could cause some damage to a property. If it has damaged the structure, you should get roof repairs.

The same issues come with ivy. Although it might look picturesque, dense plants around the building can trap moisture and cause damage. With ivy, if any roots start to lodge themselves into the structure, this could start damaging tiles too. It’s best to keep a roof clean and clear to prevent the need for roof repairs.

Moss On Roof

Old Roof Repairs

It’s important to seek roof repairs and maintenance if you have an old roof. Tiled, flat, and slate roofs can last for a long time, but they won’t last forever. If you have an older structure, it’s good to get it checked and have any issues fixed before they develop into bigger ones. At JME Roofing Contracts, we can help with restoration projects too.

For Quality Roof Repairs, Call JME Roofing Contracts

If your property is experiencing any of these issues, get it touch with our friendly team today. We can help with many projects for both domestic and commercial clients.


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