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How To Assess Your Chimney For Removal

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Chimney removal can provide many benefits. These range from extra space inside your home to fixing damp and mould issues. Chimneys are a great addition to a property if you have a functional fireplace or wood stove. However, sometimes they can become an obsolete feature that cause more problems than they solve. If this is the case, then you may be interested in our step-by-step guide on assigning your chimney’s condition.

Step One: Look For Damage Internally

The first step to assessing your chimney for removal is to check the inside of your home. A chimney that needs removing often presents itself in specific signs. These can be:

  • Cracks
  • Damp patches
  • Mould
  • Warping of walls or ceiling
  • Holes

This type of damage is caused by excess moisture entering your home through a breached chimney, or old mortar and stone falling from the sides within your attic space. If you notice any of these problems, we advise contacting a specialist chimney removal or repair service to safely solve the issue

internal chimney damage

Step Two: Check For Evidence Outside

A broken or worn-out chimney is easy to spot, and may not even require you to inspect your roof. If you notice bits of debris, mortar, stone or any other chimney component on the floor outside your property, then this may indicate you need removal or repairs. The feature may be falling apart, and this can be a health and safety issue. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s essential to hire a professional roofer to come and assess the damage and fix the chimney before anyone gets hurt from falling objects.

external chimney debris

Step Three: Assess The External Condition Of Your Chimney

If you’re not noticing any evidence of chimney damage internally, or on the floor of your property, but you’re still concerned, then you can have a more thorough look by examining your roof. It’s crucial that you do this safely with another person to ensure nobody gets hurt. A ladder tall enough to reach your roofline will be all you need to carry out an assessment. Ensure another person stands on the base of the ladder while climbing to guarantee safe traversal. Once at your roofline, check your chimney for obvious cracks or signs of deterioration. Damaged leadwork, peeling paint and missing segments are also indications you need to contact a roofer for chimney removal or repair.

inspecting chimney

Step Four: Contact A Professional For Chimney Removal Assessments

If you’ve noticed some warning signs, or just aren’t sure, then the final step of chimney removal assessment is contacting a professional. A roofer that specialises in this area will have a vast array of experience and knowledge in chimneys to guarantee any issues will be analysed and accounted for as part of the repair or removal process.

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Choose JME Roofing For Expert Chimney Removal

If you need chimney removal or repairs, then get in touch with JME Roofing. We’re fully certified, equipped and knowledgeable in all aspects of roofing to guarantee a high standard of work time and time again. For a free quote or consultation, contact one of our team today.


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