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Five Reasons To Install A Flat Roof On Your Extension

flat roof installations

Flat roofs are a fantastic addition to a newly built extension. They provide lots of cost-effective and functional benefits that warrant serious consideration for your home. Are you looking at an extension for your property? Wondering what the benefits of a flat roof are? Read on to learn more about the many advantages.

Affordable Flat Roof Installation

One of the greatest features of a flat roof is its affordability compared to conventional roofing. The simplistic nature means that installation times are faster than usual with fewer elements involved. Jobs are often priced on labour; so, the shorter the construction time, the less the roofing project costs.

A professional roofer will be able to put together a fully functional, high-quality flat roof in a matter of days/weeks. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your space sooner and at a more cost-effective price.

Cost-Effective Materials

A flat roof takes up 20% less room than a standard pitched roof. This reduction in size means less materials are used. As a result, you’ll be saving costs on these materials. Although you can take advantage of a pitched roof’s space, the options are often limited based on the shape and location. Opting for a flat roof alternative will save you money to spend on other aspects of your extension.

Thermal Efficiency

Flat roofs are extremely easy to insulate. The linear shape means there are no gaps, angles, or difficult shapes for contractors to insulate. A sealed, consistent layer of high-quality insulation means less warm air can escape, and rooms regulate temperature more efficiently. This energy efficiency can save you money on bills as well as being eco-friendly.

flat roof

Weather Resistance

A pitched roof by its very nature can be a target for bad weather. Storms, heavy rain, and high winds can catch a roof like a sail. Not only this, but tiles and other conventional roof cladding materials are prone to damage from these weather events. Flat roofs are often rubber, and lower in height, meaning they are inflicted with far less damage and wear and tear compared to a classic pitched roof. This results in fewer repairs and a general saving over its lifespan.

Contemporary Aesthetic

It’s not just the functionality of a flat roof that is appealing. If you own a modern contemporary home or outdoor space, you may be looking to complement this design. Flat roofs fit this aesthetic more appropriately than a pitched, tiled roof. Although there are a variety of roofing styles you can choose to fit various design trends, flat roofs are extremely popular by their sleek and modern nature.

Contact JME Roofing For Flat Roof Installations

We offer experienced, knowledgeable, and certified roofers to ensure any flat roof installations you need are carried out to a high standard. If you need a free quote, or you’d just like to discuss a potential project, get in touch with JME Roofing today.


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