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Can Roofers Work In The Rain? Commonly Asked Questions

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If you’re interested in hiring professional roofers for a project, then you may have a few questions. One of these questions may be about the restrictions that weather can place on the job. Rain is not a show-stopper for roofing work, but it can create limitations.

It depends on the severity of rain, and the health and safety surrounding it. Light drizzle on jobs such as guttering or roofline work won’t cause too many problems. However, heavy rain during a flat roof installation or general repairs can put the contractor at risk and jeopardise the quality of work.

To help provide you with peace of mind, we’ve put together the answers to a few commonly asked questions surrounding roofers below.

Should A Roofer Guarantee Their Work?

Roofers should stand by their work, and this can be done through a guarantee and insurance. Although it is not a mandatory requirement for the profession, a roofer that offers a guarantee proves they are confident in their work for years to come. At JME Roofing Contractors, we offer a 15-year guarantee on all installations to provide you with peace of mind.

What Qualifications Should Roofers Have?

There are several potential pathways to becoming a roofer, these are:

  • A college course
  • An apprenticeship
  • On-the-job training

Although these are all potential avenues, the best way to become a competent and safe roofer is by completing a level 2 NVQ or above in roofing occupations or roof slating & tiling. This certification proves roofers have been trained by professionals in all health and safety and best practice techniques.

Carrying Out A Roof Survey

What’s The Difference Between Domestic & Commercial Roofing?

Domestic roofing is often carried out on residential homes. It usually requires less regulation and is more straightforward due to the scope of its size and the materials involved.

Commercial roofing is carried out on a larger scale, on buildings such as offices, warehouses, factories and agricultural structures. Additionally, these developments often involve more materials, higher safety regulations and more extensive work.

Get In Touch With JME Roofing Contractors For Professional Roofers You Can Trust

At JME Roofing, we’re proud to boast certified, experienced and trustworthy roofers for all domestic and commercial projects. We offer guarantees for all our work to ensure you can be confident in everything we do. For more information, or to book a free quote, contact us today.


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